Managing the Rain

3 Wire Fencing Options for Your Livestock Farm

Good fencing is critical in any farm dealing with livestock rearing and keeping. The structure will confine and restrict the movement of the animals, and this will prevent damage to other parts of the property. In addition, the fence will protect the livestock by keeping dangerous wildlife and unscrupulous people from the designated area. It […]

LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent Grow Bulbs

Indoor gardeners can use grow lights to ensure that their plants grow well during the months when there is insufficient sunlight. Several grow lights exist on the market. For instance, there are LED grow lights and fluorescent grow lights. This article discusses why LED grow lights are superior to fluorescent grow lights. Use this information […]

Avoiding The Bloom Of Doom: Preventing And Removing Algal Blooms In Your Rainwater Tank

Whether your keep a rainwater tank for potable water, irrigation purposes, or just something to water the flowerbeds with, algal blooms lurking within your collected rainwater supplies can be a difficult problem to deal with. Algae can badly affect the taste of drinking water, and can cause nasty gastrointestinal upsets in large concentrations, while watering […]