LED Grow Lights Vs Fluorescent Grow Bulbs

Indoor gardeners can use grow lights to ensure that their plants grow well during the months when there is insufficient sunlight. Several grow lights exist on the market. For instance, there are LED grow lights and fluorescent grow lights. This article discusses why LED grow lights are superior to fluorescent grow lights. Use this information as you make a buying decision regarding which type of grow light you should acquire.


One of the biggest advantages of LED lights is their durability. While fluorescent lights will last about two years, LED grow lights will last for about 10 years or more. This means that the initial cost of the LED grow lights will be spread out over a longer time, thereby making the lights more affordable in the end.


This refers to how well the different grow lights convert electricity into light. Again, LED lights come out on top. This is because their efficiency can reach 100 percent while the efficiency of fluorescent grow lights maxes out at about 40 percent. This is because the fluorescent lights lose some of the energy they receive as heat energy. Owning LED grow lights will result in a lower energy bill when compared to having fluorescent grow lights.

Ease of Installation

LED grow lights weigh much less than fluorescent grow lights. Heavier grow lights are more complex to install because they require a very sturdy structure to hold them onto the roof of the growing room (such as a greenhouse). This reinforcement can significantly increase the cost of installing those lights. The small size and lightweight construction of LED grow lights makes them very easy to install. This is because they require very little space. They can also be attached to any roof structure without any fear that the support structure of the roof will sag under their weight.

Ability to Adjust Light Intensity

LED grow lights can also be adjusted according to the prevailing conditions in the grow room. For instance, you can increase their intensity during the darkest winter days. You can also reduce that intensity during the days when there is some light coming in from outdoors.

LED lights are relatively new on the market. They were introduced to address some of the challenges that were observed in the existing grow lights. Talk to your supplier of agricultural equipment and supplies so that you can transition to using these grow lights. You will then be able to enjoy their superior attributes explored above.

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