4 Ways To Significantly Reduce Your Pool's Energy Needs

Australians love their backyard pools. There's no better way to beat the heat and keep the kids cool and happy on hot summer days. No matter how much you love your pool, you probably don't love the increase in your electricity bills that result from running your pool. Here are four ways to minimise the electricity needs of your pool.

1. Install an energy efficient pool pump

Pool pumps need to run for several hours each day to keep the water moving through the filter and maintain the water quality of your pool. Traditionally, these have been very power hungry appliances and the cost of running them can be high.

 Fortunately, there are many energy efficient pool pumps available on the market these days. Using this type of pump has the potential to reduce your pool's energy needs by up to 75%, which equates to big savings on your electricity bill.

2. Use a timer for running the pump

This simple device can save you a lot of money. Once it's attached to your pool pump's electrical plug, you can set it so that your pool pump only operates for the hours of the day you've selected. This means no more forgetting to turn the pump off and no more big hikes in your electricity bill because of excess and unnecessary usage.

It's also a good idea to set your timer so that the pump is in use during the off-peak electricity times. Off-peak tariffs for electricity are significantly lower than on-peak times and this can save you a bundle. Off-peak times are generally late evenings and through the night but it's best to check with your electricity provider to get exact times for your region.

3. Install a solar powered pool heater

Many pool owners use a pool heater to keep their pool at a comfortable temperature during the cooler months. This certainly enhances your swimming experience in winter, but it also significantly increases the amount of money you'll be spending on running your pool.

Installing a solar powered pool heater is away to reduce the cost of heating your pool to almost nothing. After the initial cost of purchase and installation, the only expense you'll have is a small amount for the heater's yearly inspection and service. A well maintained and regularly serviced solar pool heater will last for many years, and you will more than recoup the initial outlay in electricity savings.

4. Have your pool appliances regularly maintained

Like any appliance, pool pumps, water heaters, and filters run more efficiently and more cost effectively if they are regularly maintained and serviced. Appliances that aren't regularly serviced may guzzle more electricity than usual as they strain to fulfil a function that they aren't in fit shape to do.

Without regular services, you may also find that your appliances don't last as long and require repairing or replacing far sooner than their serviced counterparts. Regular servicing will also detect small problems that can soon become big, and usually expensive, problems if left unfixed.

By following these tips, you'll be able to dramatically reduce your pool's energy requirements. A smaller electricity bill will make swimming in your pool even more enjoyable this summer.

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