Four Ways Rainwater Tanks Can Save Your Farm Money

Rainwater tanks are an extremely useful tool for farmers. They can provide a free and clean source of water for livestock, irrigation and even firefighting. But that's not all — rainwater tanks also save you money! Here are four ways that rainwater tanks can save your farm money;

1) Rainwater Tanks Reduce Your Water Bill 

Rainwater tanks are an environmentally positive way to reduce your farm's total water bill. By collecting rainwater from the roof, you can use it instead of mains water for things like washing vehicles or filling up poultry drinkers. This means that you'll be using less of your water allocation and paying less for it! This can be a big money-saver if you have a large property with many animals and vehicles. 

2) Rainwater Tanks Mean Reduced Irrigation Costs

If you have a large property with valuable crops or pasture that needs regular irrigation, rainwater tanks can reduce these costs significantly by allowing you to use free rainwater instead of paying for it from a utility company or private source. As an added bonus, harvesting rainwater also reduces the amount of storm runoff entering rivers and streams to prevent flooding downstream and pollution caused by chemicals washing off roadside drains into waterways.

3) Rainwater Tanks Give Higher Yields From Your Crops And Pastures

Crops watered with recycled greywater often produce higher yields than those irrigated with potable water from the mains supply because recycled wastewater contains less salt than tap water and so doesn't disturb soil balances as much as tap water does. Rainwater is also naturally soft and has a neutral pH, which can benefit certain crops and soil types. More crops means more money in the bank, especially if you are growing fruit and vegetables for sale.

4) Rainwater Tanks Save Money On Chemicals Used To Treat Water 

Rainwater tanks are a very effective way of reducing your chemical bill because they significantly reduce the amount of chlorine, fluorine and other chemicals used to treat water. If you use recycled wastewater on your lands, there is no need for any chemical treatment at all. This money you save can be put back into your business so you can invest in other areas, such as land maintenance or crop protection. 

Rainwater tanks are not just a way to capture water for your farm, they can also help you save money. To find out more about how rainwater tanks can save your farm money and improve productivity, contact a professional today.

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